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About Casio Divers Watches

Deep underwater it is pitch black, making it nearly impossible to tell what time it is. Fortunately, Casio divers watches help you track time, length of time on the dive, and store memory about recent dives. Stainless steel bands on the Casio men's diver watch stand up to frequent use. Water-resistant up to 656 feet, the watches accompany you on your deepest excursions. Enjoy features like a tachymeter, screw lock crown and back, and 24-hour and 12-hour dials. Make sure you never run out of air with the Casio G-Shock divers watch that includes tide and moon graphs, dive timers with data memory, and a stylish design that looks good in and out of the water. It displays the time in up to 31 different time zones and offers a dive time and surface interval measurement function. Use the countdown timer to monitor the length of your dive and make sure you leave plenty of time to surface. Find a huge selection of Casio divers watches in the large inventory on eBay. Pretend you are a pirate and go on a deep sea treasure hunt.