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About Casino Coins

Usually when you win casino coins, you cash them in for the winnings; however, some people collect casino coins for various reasons. The coins are intricately designed, they are often miniature works of art. Take the Luxor casino coin for example. The one-dollar brass slot token features the sphinx on one side and a pyramid on the other. The ten-dollar sphinx token is made of .999 silver and features a mirrored background and a frosted foreground—much like the proof coins you get from the US mint. Speaking of the which, did you know the Franklin Mint issued casino coins for various casinos in Las Vegas? Some of these include the Stardust, the Landmark, and even the Wagon Wheel. These particular tokens appeared during the late '60s, and they are now available on eBay from reputable merchants. Collectors of casino memorabilia like finding these types of items because they have history and plenty of stories to tell. Just imagine whose hands the coins have passed through until they made their way into your collection. The thought is simply mind-boggling.