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Cashmere - Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

About Cashmere - Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Soft and silky, cashmere feels like a decadent indulgence. Wrap up in a cashmere scarf and feel the luxury for yourself. The wool fabric keeps your nose and face warm, but the soft feel is what stands out. Rather than feeling scratchy like other types of wool, fine cashmere fibers produce a softness almost like downy feathers. Cashmere sweaters are the ultimate in winter work or school wear. Dyed in a wide range of colors, they coordinate with anything. Traditionally a sign of taste, sophistication, and wealth, cashmere clothes and accessories exhibit glamour and elegance. For the ultimate luxury, look for a full cashmere coat and wear it over a glittering evening gown to evoke the style of old Hollywood starlets like Audrey Hepburn. Designers like Ralph Lauren have created exclusive cashmere lines that feature their designer styles and logos. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a vast inventory of new and used cashmere products. Find a sweater, shirt, or coat for yourself and revel in the luxury of cashmere.