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About Carved Pipes

At one time, a carved pipe was an instant indicator of a gentleman's station in life. These days, it is a little more rare to find smokers who prefer pipes rather than pre-rolled cigarettes. However, a carved bone pipe can be an elegant keepsake, and is a great way to tie multiple interests together. Pipe smokers also claim that some materials for pipes work better with certain tobacco blends than others do, but this is a matter of personal preference. Smokers who want a pure pipe smoking experience may want to try a carved meerschaum pipe. Meerschaum is a mineral, much like soapstone, that functions well when carved into a pipe. Since the mineral is porous, it draws moisture and tar away from the tobacco, providing a cleaner, drier smoke. No matter which type of carved pipe you hope to try, the wide range of reliable sellers on eBay means that you can find just about any material or type of carving that you prefer.