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About Cartilage Earrings

You are always looking for new and creative ways to wear jewelry. Imagine pulling your hair back only to reveal cartilage earrings adorning the top of your ears. If you have a cartilage piercing, performed by a professional body piercer, there are many unique jewelry options open to you. While it may not be possible to wear the same types of dangling, hook earrings you might wear in your earlobes, you can use the two piercings together to wear a cartilage chain earring. These allow you to wear charms in an earlobe piercing and cartilage piercing, while connecting the two via a chain that maintains just enough slack to allow for a bit of movement and glimmer. You can also wear more conventional earrings in this part of your ear, such as studs or cartilage hoop earrings. Because the piercing is often close to the outer edge of the ear, you can also choose a twist earring that appears to wrap around the edge of your ear. As you look on eBay at the large inventory of cartilage earrings, it should be easy for you to find pieces that match your personality.

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