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About Cartier Tank Francaise Watches

Inspired by the new Renault tanks he saw in World War I, Louis Cartier created the classic Cartier Tank Francaise watch in 1917. The strap integrates into vertical sidebars called brancards, and the face of the watch features elegant Roman numerals. Cartier Tank Francaise ladies' watches, first introduced in 1996, have beautiful chain link bracelets and watch casings with a slight curve for a feminine look. It comes in white gold, yellow gold, and stainless steel. Some of the watches operate using batteries, while others feature self-winding mechanical movements. The Cartier Tank Francaise has a small blue sapphire cabochon on the crown, also called the winding stem, and blue hands shaped like swords. Thanks to the vast inventory on eBay, it is possible to find a beautiful selection of the best Cartier watches, including the Tank Francaise. All the different designs are water resistant up to 100 feet, and you can choose a design with diamonds or a colorful face, as well. Some models feature diamonds instead of Roman numerals on the watch faces for all the numbers, except 12.