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About Cartier Santos

The magical union between the icons of a time often yields lasting results. The Cartier Santos watch, also known as Santos de Cartier in French, is one such example of a lasting union that many still look down upon each day. When Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont asked Louis Cartier in 1904 to give him a way to tell time while flying, the French jeweler responded by creating one of the first wristwatches. Infusing the same craftsmanship and style that had built the Cartier name, the look of the Santos de Cartier watch included several timeless qualities still present in the jeweler's modern interpretations of this style. Namely, Cartier Santos styles include a rounded, yet angled dial, curved horns, and exposed screws on the watch's face. Modern designs, including the Santos Dumont, Octagon, and 100 all use some or all of those aspects to identify them as members of this elite collection. When shopping the vast selection on eBay, it is easy to explore new interpretations as well as vintage Cartier Santos designs in order to find one that best suits your personal preference and budget. A meeting of the minds among pioneers in their fields left a lasting impression on timepiece design. Wearing a Cartier Santos watch is not only an homage to this partnership, but also a stylish way to do the same thing that Alberto Santos Dumont did over 100 years ago: check the time.