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About Carrier Furnaces

You and your wife recently moved into a home with an aging Carrier furnace. You were completely happy with the purchase until this past winter, when you had the opportunity to test your heating and cooling skills because your furnace broke down. On advice from one of your friends who has the same type of furnace in his home, a great place to find a Carrier furnace filter is on eBay. Luckily your friend was right, the reliable sellers on eBay had a vast assortment of the filters individually and even in lots. They also had the Carrie Furnace blower motor you needed at a great price. The brand new motor not only came in its original box it was a 230 volts ‘C’ frame motor with a short shaft end. It even included two male spade connectors for the wires to attach to, and the seller even offered to answer any questions you had about installing it.

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