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About Carriage Clocks

The soft ticking of the carriage clock that sits on the mantle breaks the silence of the house. Cheerful chimes and lovely music make this household staple a favorite among clock collectors. The vast selection of carriage clocks and their parts on eBay makes it simple to own a pretty piece of timekeeping history. With a solid brass case, brass carrying handle, and a glass face, the French carriage clock offers the minute, hour, and second hand on two separate faces. Perfect for placement above the fireplace, its precision timing means that this clock is fashionable and functional. The Howard Miller clock in a polished cherry wood case offers 8-day efficiency with triple chimes and an elegant etched brass faceplate. Blending well with antique furniture, this vintage timepiece stands almost 14 inches in height, making its face easy to view. A carriage clock is a marriage of function and form with a variety of styles to suit any taste. Choose a musical clock to play a tune on the hour, or pick out the perfect alarm edition to add its cheery chimes to your morning routine.