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About Carpet Bags

Over the years, carpet bags have gone from frugal to fabulous. Antique carpet bags were originally considered the budget luggage option for the masses. Leather luggage was an expensive luxury, and woven carpeting remnants offered a sturdy but cheap alternative material. In the groovy 1960s, fashion reinvented lots of rustic and bohemian looks, so carpet bags became hot hippie accessories. Modern carpet bags are still considered stylish, adding a free-spirited touch to your travel bags or handbags. Pair a carpet clutch with a little black dress to add mystery to a classic look. Carry a carpet shoulder bag with an everyday jeans and T-shirt ensemble for a fabulous casual outfit. Large styles still work well for luggage, as they are sturdy, durable, and chic. Use yours to carry clothes and cosmetics for a weekend away, or use it as your carry-on luggage when you fly. Whether you want a formal tapestry clutch or a hippie-inspired weekend bag, you can find a vast inventory of new and vintage carpet bags on eBay.