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About Carole Little

Little by little, you can give your wardrobe a fresh new look, dressing yourself from head to toe in all things Carole Little. Designer and clothing guru Carole Little hails from the West coast. Her clothing, in turn, features a relaxed, casual look and bright colors, emulating the sunny, feel-good attitude of California. This popular brand produces items with exotic prints and patterns, such as large flowers, birds, and tribal designs. You have many options to choose from with these clothes, but the large inventory on eBay helps you get started. For formal occasions, Carol Little dresses make stunning and eye-catching choices. You can look for dresses offering a flattering but modest fit, such as floor-length garments with full-length sleeves and tiered hemlines, cascading asymmetrically from the mid-calf down to the floor. A turtleneck or high collar, featuring the same soft cotton and polyester, creates an attractive finish and keeps you warm. For the spring and fall, Carole Little skirts make good wardrobe choices. You can find these skirts with full-length finishes, featuring ruffled hemlines and wispy, lightweight fabrics like silk and linen.