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About Carnival Glasses

Carnival glass isn't just a thing of the past, even as these twisted, iridescent pieces of blown glass were most popular in the 1920s when the average family could not afford electrical lighting. The purpose of these pieces, as art or as functional parts of items like vases, was to reflect light, adding a shimmer to even the darkest corners of a home. Today, finding an antique and authentic Northwood Carnival glass piece is as easy as checking eBay, where reliable sellers have a variety of these beautiful pieces available. In addition to being unique glassware to collect, these pieces can also bring some mid-1900s charm to a modern home, particularly blue Carnival glass pieces with the exceptional ability to shine in the light and bring the colors of water into your decor. From butter dishes, to vases, to candy bowls, there is an eccentric piece for any defined space, allowing you to bring the beauty of Carnival glass into the 21st century.