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About Carnival Costumes

In the United States, Halloween is the biggest dress-up day of the year, but in most other countries around the world, people spend ages choosing the perfect Carnival costume. From Europe to Brazil, people don wild colors and crazy costumes before taking to the streets for giant parties with lots of dancing and music. Carnival has its roots in the tradition of Lent, a time designated for giving up tasty treats until Easter. Carnival is a chance to have one last hurrah before giving up the good stuff. Observing Lent is not as common as it used to be, but everyone loves a good party, which means that Carnival is here to stay. Each country has its own special way of celebrating the festival. Brazilian Carnival costumes are elaborate numbers that involve lots of bright colors and feathers, and celebrations involve lots of dancing and samba music. In Venice, revelers wear stunning Venetian-style masks with their Carnival costumes. In Germany, Karnival, or Fasching, costumes resemble Halloween costumes, and people tend to let their imaginations run wild when choosing an outfit. Mardi Gras partiers in New Orleans wear all kinds of creative costumes during the city's festivities. Whether you are heading to Rio, New Orleans, or Cologne, sellers on eBay offer a wide variety of men's, women's, and kids' Carnival costumes to suit every festival.