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About Carmex

Cracked, chapped lips are painful and even embarrassing at times. Keep the problem from getting worse with Carmex lip balm to protect, soothe, and heal your lips. Chapped skin starts with dehydration, dry air, and even breathing through your mouth. Without a jar of Carmex to protect your lips while they heal, the problem only continues to worsen. Filled with menthol and camphor to ease the pain of chapping, and rich lanolin oil to provide that protective barrier, this lip balm is the number one recommended moisturizing lip balm to in Pharmacy Times magazine. If a jar is too inconvenient, you can find this balm in the vast inventory on eBay in a number of forms. A small stick of balm is easy to apply on-the-go, while tubes of cream smooth gently over especially painful skin and feature the added benefit of cocoa butter. Ointments are perfect for applying to dry elbows, feet, and hands as well. Enjoy the original flavor of Carmex or partake in sweet cherry, warm vanilla, or a twist of lime in a soothing balm. Restore your smile with a healing lip balm.