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About Card Tables

Lightweight, durable, and useful in countless situations, the card table is one home investment that is a must-have, especially for large families and those who throw a lot of get-togethers. You can set up a card table in the house and use it as a craft center, a game or puzzle station, or an additional eating area; and as it is portable, you can use it for all these purposes and more in the great outdoors and or any place you may travel. If you know you're going to have a lot of house guests, buy a set of a card table and chairs: not only will the pieces match, but there also will be room for everyone to sit. You can also find a poker card table, which can be either a plain plastic setting for any of the above uses, or a specialized table that includes a felted top, cushioned rail, and drink holders. Whatever you need a card table for, you can find all kinds in new and gently used condition on eBay, so you won't be caught short-handed at your next get-together.