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About Carbon Handlebars

Cycling brings out the competitor in the best of us, and many cyclists enjoy the thrill of a good race. Consider replacing your stock aluminum bar with a carbon handlebar to help reduce the weight of your bicycle, giving you an extra edge the next time you put your skills to the test. Some of these composite bars weigh less than 200 g, lighter than the lightest aluminum ones. Because of the way they are made, carbon handlebars are molded in complex shapes. This has allowed manufacturers to make bars with flat tops, creating a comfortable resting place for palms when climbing. Carbon fiber also reduces fatigue by absorbing road vibrations. Available from reliable sellers on eBay, these bars come in different shapes and sizes—from flat handlebars ideal for off-road use to curved "ergo" ones. Though it is possible to attach a carbon bar to a metal stem, some riders prefer upgrading to a carbon handlebar stem too, resulting in even greater shock absorption. Choosing the perfect carbon handlebar for your two-wheeler allows you to compete with a lighter bicycle.