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About Carbide Bits

If Superman arrived on Earth today instead of the 1930s, he would not be known as "the Man of Steel" because we have harder substances. Take carbide bits in our drills, for example. The shank and body are still fabricated with steel but the tips of the highest-end bits are coated in brazed carbide so they stay sharp longer and perform better across a wide range of materials. Carbide tool bits are often employed for the tougher jobs, like boring though masonry. This does not mean that carbide bits are unbreakable. Since they are often doing that hard work, extra care must be given to technique with hand-held tools. The drilling angle must be kept constant to prevent snapping and drill speeds must be monitored so as not to build up too much heat that will destroy the tool and bit. Carbide can also be employed for the most exacting jobs as well. Reliable eBay sellers carry a full line of Dremel carbide bits, in addition to a huge selection of larger bits, so you can tackle any project you are facing. Oh, and leave Superman in a cloud of dust while you are at it.