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About Carabiners

You are clinging to the rock face with sweat stinging your eyes as you allow the carabiner to take your weight so you can rest your burning arms. Not simply a tool for the climbing fraternity, a carabiner has plenty of uses for the active outdoorsman or woman. A carabiner is a small metallic loop with a spring-loaded shutter that allows for quick and easy connection with ropes or other components. Particularly useful in vital safety systems, the word comes from the German language as the device was invented by a famous German climber. It is also popular with military personnel as it can be used to quickly attach ammunition or medical pouches to webbing belts and tactical vests. A black carabiner is particularly popular for this role, as it is a dull black color and less likely to be spotted when working covertly. A mini carabiner can also be useful for a range of smaller uses where less weight will be held on the clip, such as attaching objects to a set of keys or an article of clothing. Whether you are looking for a carabiner for a professional use or simply wish to clip some accessories to your purse, you can find a massive selection of carabiners and sporting goods on eBay.