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About Car Window Shade

When it comes to being shady, car window shades take the lead. These shades act as sunglasses for your car, protecting the interior and occupants from the damaging effects of UV light. You can find car window shades covering entire windows, or providing partial protection in half-length designs, as well as shades for certain parts of the car. Reflective shades bounce off sunlight as it hits to reduce glare and keep the car cool. Mesh shades offer clear visibility for reducing glare while driving. Others come in fun designs to keep your children entertained and out of the sun in the backseat. Longer shades feature an accordion-style design — they fold out to cover the entire front window, then store nicely, folding into pleated panels and wrapping with an elastic band or Velcro. You can enhance protection for driver and front passengers with car window sun shade visors, which attach to existing visors, but feature longer lengths to further reduce the sun's glare. You can look for these items on eBay, where a large variety gives you many options to choose from.