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About Car Sun Shades

The last thing anyone wants to do on a hot sunny day is get into his or her car, truck, or SUV, grab the steering wheel, and get what feels like a second-degree burn on the palm of the hands. Car sun shades make that occurrence go away. Car windshield sun shades reflect the sun away from the inside of the car rather than allowing it inside, trapped and with nowhere to escape. This not only keeps the steering wheel cooler, it also keeps the car's interior temperature lower and helps extend the life of the interior, especially the dashboard. Folding car sun shades, which are available among the vast inventory on eBay, take up little space when not in use and can store easily behind a seat or in a trunk. Sun shades extend across the entire length of the windshield and keep direct sunlight from entering the car. Sun shades for the car can be as basic as cardboard or feature material such as nylon or polyester. Some even come with a matching shade for the back window, or with its own storage bag. Keep your car's interior cooler and extend its life by investing in a car sun shade in a unique design.