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About Car Stripes

You spent every weekend souping up your project car's engine and now it is time to turn it out with a great new paint job and a dash of style. Adding car stripes to your vehicle is easy. You can go to a body shop to add painted stripes, but the labor cost can be high. Painted stripes last longer, but vinyl car stripes are inexpensive and you can do it yourself for very little money. Wash your car thoroughly and remove any emblems that may interfere with your new graphic. Prep the area where you are placing the stripes with alcohol. You can use masking tape to help guide you with straight lines. Mix 20 oz. of water with a drop of dish soap in a spray bottle. Spray the car with this before placing the stripe. Peel the backing strip away from the racing car stripes and lay them in place. As long as it is wet, you can reposition the stripes as needed. Use a squeegee to remove bubbles from the middle outward. You can find a large inventory of car stripes and other graphic decals on eBay in colors and shapes that are sure to look awesome on your auto.