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About Car Speedometer

Nothing ruins your day faster than getting a speeding ticket, which is why a car speedometer is so important. Aside from run-ins with the law, driving without a working speedometer is a safety hazard. Speed limits exist to inform drivers as to what the safest maximum speed is for any given road. If your car speedometer is malfunctioning or damaged in some way, you can easily replace it and ensure that you are driving your car at a safe and legal speed. Universal car speedometers work in any vehicle, and there are several different types and models from which to choose. Speedometers with HUD (heads up display) project the car's speed onto the windshield at the driver's eye level. Many speedometers also employ GPS technology to track your speed and alert you when you are going over the limit. Whether you are looking for a digital speedometer or one that comes with a magnet movement gauge, there is a vast inventory of car speedometers available on eBay.