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Shop the large inventory of car electronics including car audio and video fuses and fuse holders!

About Car Fuses

You have just had your car checked and everything was in order when you signed off and handed over all that money, but all of a sudden, the radio is on the fritz and the lights do not light. Lucky for you, it is probably one of the car fuses. This is an easy and cheap repair you can do yourself. Along with jumper cables, a spare, and a jack, a car fuse set kept in the trunk will save you a world of hassle and expensive repairs. It could even keep you from getting a ticket if your headlights or brake lights go out. Usually located on the left side of the dash, the fuse box in your car should have a diagram telling you what fuses control each feature and the amperage needed for replacement. So, if your radio is out or your turn signal is literally on the blink, it is easy to locate the right fuse. If you are not sure which one needs replacing, some kits include a car fuse tester to help you identify and replace the fuse in snap. Browse eBay for all your car maintenance needs, and stock up on emergency repair kits and parts like car fuses, flares, flat fix kits, and more with one easy transaction. The convenient shipping options will have you prepared for anything that comes along.