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About Car DVR GPS

You should never have to worry about providing proof of what you were doing when an accident occurred, or find witnesses to the wreck. With a car DVR GPS unit mounted on your windshield, you have a recording of everything that takes place in or in front of your vehicle. A car DVR HD dual GPS comes with two cameras on the sides: one is ultra-wide and can rotate 120 degrees, and the other is telescopic. The camera shows you where cars are in relation to yours and features an HD screen. For those looking for a simple dash cam, the car DVR 1080 GPS unit records in front of the vehicle, all while giving you the directions you need. These handy devices are ideal for insurance purposes and many are small enough not to distract the driver. Many reliable sellers on eBay offer the car DVR GPS units in new condition, while some have gently used models for a reduced price. Gets yours today so you not only know where are going, but can record the route as well.