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About Car Dolly

While you can attach a car you need to tow directly to the towing vehicle, a car dolly makes the process go so much easier. Many people use a trailer, but that is large, and often unwieldy. The main benefit of a car tow dolly is that it holds up one end of the car, but it does not take up a lot of space, either while it is in use or when you are ready to store it. There is only one set of axles, so there is less to maintain, as well. Once you find a car moving dolly, do not forget to make sure that you have an accessory kit, too. The kit ensures that you have the wiring and lighting you need to connect the dolly to your towing vehicle's electrical system. This ensures that drivers behind you can see your brake lights and turn signals, giving everyone a safer time on the road. Because of the wide variety of shipping options available on eBay, finding the right car dolly for you and getting it delivered in a timely manner is much easier than you might think.