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About Car Diagnostic Scanner

Clunk, clink, clunk; thump, thump, thump; and hiss are the last things you want to hear coming out of your car. Figure out exactly what the problem is and why your check engine light came on quickly, without the hassle of limping your sick car all the way to the mechanic, with a car diagnostic scanner. Sellers on eBay list an array of these tools to pick from. A car scanner diagnostic tool works by communicating with your car's computer, and it provides trouble codes, which are helpful for pinpointing what is not working properly within the system. A car diagnostic scanner is easy to use. It simply plugs into an OBD II connector, found under your dashboard, and provides onscreen instructions about how to proceed. Universal car diagnostic scanners generally work on all makes and models of cars manufactured in 1996 or later. They come complete with the cables needed to connect to your car, and many even come with computer software that provides definitions of trouble codes, as well as a carrying case to keep it all stored away in.