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About Captain America Comics

For comic book collectors, it is one of the most difficult things, and the most desirable, is to find the comic book issue where a character was introduced. Captain America comics are no exception. The 1941 release of Captain America issue 1 is the first time we meet Steve Rogers, a young man who experiments with a serum and becomes a perfect human specimen and super soldier. After taking the serum, he goes to battle the Axis powers during the Second World War. While there was a 2011 reprint of the first issue of Captain America comics, the original comic is still very hard to find in mint condition. On eBay, you can find several Captain America issue 1 from the Silver Age release. The Silver Age revival of Captain America was both written and edited by Stan Lee. During this time, in 1964, Captain America joined the Avengers. Here, we see a Captain America who is haunted by the things he witnessed during WWII. You could say that the Captain America series has a very real feel to it, simply because of its back-story. It’s no wonder why Captain America is a favorite superhero to many people. He is a war hero, after all.

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