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About Captain Action

Captain Action is a combination of practicality and brilliance to his fans. The action figure capitalized on the growing popularity of such figures, but also maintained a degree of mutability that prevented it from being tied to a single look. As a result, the action figure featured a single base model, but countless outfits for dressing it up as notable superheroes. The action figure has gone through multiple incarnations, but a vintage Ideal Captain Action tends to draw the most attention from being part of its initial run. These are available alongside their successors from eBay's reliable sellers, as well as numerous outfits for the different figures. Due to its origins, the outfits available to the action figure center heavily on American superhero comics. This resulted in the likes of Captain Action outfits for Superman, Captain America, Batman, and other heroes being commonly available. Even if you're not looking for a classic Captain Action figure, its successors are readily available, as well with just as much variety in their outfits.

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