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About Capsules

You quickly throw your herbal medicine into the back of your throat and frantically start chugging juice. The powder starts coagulating, and the taste is simply awful. This type of scene is all too familiar for anyone who buys herbal supplements in bulk powder form. Luckily, a simple capsule goes down a lot smoother than a little vial of powder. Gelatin capsules make herbal supplements extraordinary easier to swallow, and they are particularly good for herbs that are hard to swallow because of their chemical properties (like being insoluble in water), or because of their foul taste or texture. If you think filling capsules sounds tedious, think again; simply buy a capsule filling machine and fill each capsule in no time at all. You can find a wide selection of capsules in various sizes on eBay from the site's reliable sellers. If you are sick of choking on bad-tasting herbal supplements, capsules are the way to go.