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About Capodimonte

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the porcelain artisans of Meissen, Germany must have been blushing when in 1743, King Charles VII moved to establish a similar porcelain factory in Naples, Italy. The result, Capodimonte porcelain, not only met the standards of Meissen, but by most accounts rose above them. Capodimonte is most famous for its exquisite, detailed figurines and molded porcelain flowers affixed to vases, baskets, and cups. Add a bit of old world Italian charm to your home with a Capodimonte figurine crafted in ornate detail and awash in soothing, subtle hues. Select elegant figures of refined ladies and gentleman, beautiful young boys and girls, and graceful birds. A distinctive Capodimonte basket, vase, or decorative box on your coffee table or mantel decorates your home with European opulence. Choose a stately vase, already filled with Capodimonte's signature molded blooms, a vintage trinket box adorned with tiny cherubs, or a cheerful basket filled with vibrantly hued porcelain fruit. Explore the large selection of Capodimonte porcelain offered by reliable sellers on eBay, and enjoy the unequaled excellence of Capodimonte.

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