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About Capezio

As the dancer sways and turns to the music, the Capezio shoes provide solid support as her feet tap out the rhythm through the dance routine. Established as a cobbler's shop in 1887, shoemaker Salvatore Capezio began his career by repairing shoes for the artists performing at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. Capezio's talent for shoemaking allowed him to make an emergency pair of shoes for Polish tenor Jean de Reszke. Since that auspicious beginning, Capezio products expanded to ballet, tap, and jazz shoes, plus body wear and accessories. Past and present performers from Fred Astaire and Sammy Davis, Jr. to modern pop stars Madonna and Lady Gaga wore Capezio dance shoes while performing on stage and television. The Capezio dance sneakers are also popular among both hip hop dancers and Zumba enthusiasts. When searching for Capezio products, the reliable sellers on eBay provide a variety of listings featuring new or gently used shoes and accessories in children and adult sizes. A few clicks of the mouse and one of the convenient shipping methods bring your Capezio shoes to your house, ready to keep your feet tapping away through the day.