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About Canteens

You have been promising to take the kids on a camping trip for weeks, but you do not trust the water source at the campsite in the hills. A canteen is a great addition to any camper's armory because water is always a necessity, and you never know if the source is pure out in the sticks. If you want to avoid waterborne bacteria, a military canteen is the perfect addition to your rucksack because you can take your own water along for the ride. Canteens are lightweight and shatterproof too, so there is no need to worry about the occasional dropped backpack. If you are more of a collector than a camper, buy a vintage canteen with a history all of its own. Whether you are looking for field and camping gear or military collectibles, you can find a huge range of military surplus and camping gear on eBay. Best of all, convenient shipping options ensure all your purchases are delivered right to your door.

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