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About Canon T3 Batteries

You are shooting your friend's wedding and everything looks beautiful; the bride looks stunning in her flowing gown and the groom looks dressed to the nines. Suddenly, your camera notifies you that the Canon T3 battery is about to die. Hopefully, you have numerous spares in your camera bag; otherwise, you are going to have a lot of explaining to do to your friend when he realizes you only have photos of the first half of the ceremony. To make sure you have enough batteries for all your photographic endeavors, make sure to pick up spare batteries, or a Canon T3 battery grip that automatically draws on spare batteries affixed to your camera when needed. The Canon T3 battery is actually an LP-E10 battery, while the Canon T3i battery is an LP-E8 battery, so it is important to ensure you purchase the correct battery. You can find these batteries on eBay from reliable sellers. Make sure you are prepared and can shoot every event through to its end.