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About Canon EOS M

If you find the Canon EOS 650D to be perfect for your needs but too big and complex to operate, then the Canon EOS M is what you need. This is the first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera produced by Canon, and it is smaller, simpler, and just as functional as the 650D. This camera sports a 3-inch touchscreen that allows you to pinch, zoom, tap, and swipe away at the photos and videos you take. Its 18 MP sensor and DIGIC 5 processor are also similar to the ones found on the 650D. Canon EOS M kits come with EF-M lenses but can also accept Canon EF and EF-S lenses as long as you mount them with a special adapter. Whether you want to get a Canon EOS M body, a full kit, or a lens mount, you can successfully browse the wide selection of Canon cameras on eBay offers to find the options you need. While picking your camera, remember to choose one of the many Canon EOS M cases to keep this beauty protected from damage during your travels.

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