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About Canon 1D Cameras

If you are a seasoned DSLR user who wants great handling, stunning image quality, and a professional camera body, a camera from the Canon 1D series may offer the perfect solution. The Canon 1D was an absolute powerhouse when it came out in 2002. It boasted 11.1 megapixels, shot at three frames per second, and offered a maximum shutter speed of 1/8,000. Although some of these specifications are a little dated more than a decade later, Canon has maintained this line and added many iterations, including the Mark I and the Mark IV. The Mark IV offers 10 frames per second and a 16.1 megapixel sensor, which clearly proves Canon has no intention of letting the line become obsolete. No matter which model you buy, you can enjoy the quality of full-sensor cameras. Canon cameras are available on eBay along with accessories like a spare Canon 1D battery. Be sure to also grab a Canon 1D bag to protect your new-found treasure. If you want a full-frame camera that is second to none, the latest edition of the 1D series is a good choice.

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