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About Canon 100mm Macro

Photographers rejoice when they try out the Canon 100mm macro lens on their DSLR camera. With this powerful lens, you can be as close as six inches from your subject and capture incredible details that you won’t get with other lens, but the real stand out feature is the lens’ ability to capture detail and not be so close if you don’t want to—you can take a few steps back. Not only can you take a few steps back, but the EF 100mm macro lens (electronic focus) automatically focuses on the subject for you. When you take your child’s photograph, the Canon 100mm macro lens lets you catch every freckle on their smiling faces. If you want to use this lens to get really close-up macro shots, you may want to get a hood, to shade the sun, and so that you don’t get too close and compromise the quality of the photograph. You could have the perfect shot of a goldfish in the right light that the scales sparkle, only for it to be ruined because you were too close. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how nicely your photos turn out, and you may even want to sell them as art on eBay.