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About Canning Jars

At the farmer's market in August, heaps of golden peaches and juicy cucumbers catch your attention. Harvest time is just too short for all that delicious produce and you need canning jars to capture and preserve that taste for the long, bland winter months. Search through the large inventory of canning jars on eBay and stock up so all those vegetables and fruits do not go to waste. If you have a larger family, you may want to invest in large, half-gallon canning jars for apple or grape juices, tomatoes, pickles, and any whole fruits or vegetables. A wide-mouth canning jar is far more versatile and more convenient for larger food than a regular-mouth jar. In addition to large canning jars, try stocking up on an assortment of pint-sized jars for jams, jellies, and chutneys as well. For these foods, a regular-mouth jar should work just fine. When buying the canning jars, do not forget to get matching seals and lids. These must fit properly to ensure successful canning. With the right canning equipment and technique, you should be able to enjoy the end-of-summer bounty all year long.