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About Canna

If your garden or patio needs a little more color, the canna may do the trick. This beautiful tropical flower produces glowing blossoms and colorful foliage, a feel of the tropics though many varieties are hardy enough for cooler climates. They aren't a shy flower but rather love the full sun so open area beds will look grand with these ruffled spikes and tapering buds. As perennials, cannas, also known as canna lily even though they are not technically a lily, will return to bloom summer after summer and with their palmy foliage, they look beautiful even before and after blooming. Cannas do need lots of water and enjoy a good loamy soil. To encourage your cannas to vigorously bloom, Canna Coco can be applied. With a high vitamin and mineral content specifically designed for cannas, gardeners say that using Canna Coco results in “explosive growth and profuse flowering.” Isn't that what you want in your yard? Once the summer and early fall ends, remove the canna bulbs, or rhizomes, and store them in a cool dry space for replanting early next spring. eBay sellers offer a colorful selection of these brilliant plants along with the Canna Coco and other supplies needed. Don't forget to check out used bulbs as they already have some growth under their belts and will produce larger and faster blooms than new.

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