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About Candlewick

You have just invited the in-laws over for dinner and now you are left scrambling to find something pleasant to use for decoration besides the centerpiece from Christmas two years ago, but you don't want to seem too extravagant. When you find yourself in this situation, Imperial Glass Candlewick fits the bill nicely. One of the most popular crystal patterns made by the Imperial Glass Company, it contains a combination of elegant details and its simple yet sophisticated appearance will enhance the look of any dining area. Set the table with Candlewick dinner plates, a move that is sure to impress those hard to please in-laws. Then, replace those tarnished old candle holders that feature wax formations running down the sides with beautiful Candlewick candle holders. Imperial Glass Candlewick offers a refreshing change from traditional decorations, and you can either leave it plain or add a small ribbon, bow, or similar decoration for a personal touch. There are many reliable eBay sellers offering a variety of new and lightly used products. In addition, convenient shipping options remove the hassle of having to wait in line.

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