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About Canbus

Before the implementation of CANbus technologies, wires weighed your vehicles down an extra hundred pounds. If you’re a mechanic, or someone who likes to do their own vehicle repairs, then you have a much appreciated understanding of how CANbus revolutionized the automobile. Your car has up to 70 electronic control units—transmission, airbags, power windows, power steering—all these systems, before 1986, were connected within a complex web of wiring. With the integration of CANbus technologies, now just a few wires and sensors operate everything. When choosing a CANbus adapter, make sure you have the make, model, year, and engine type ready. Most of the CANbus parts you’ll find on eBay are replacements and upgrades for the lighting systems for your car. So when you’re ready for new Festoon CANbus lights to illuminate your license plate, head on over to eBay for some of the most competitive prices from the most reputable and reliable sellers. Though most people rarely look under the hood of their own vehicle, you know that CANbus parts play an integral role in keeping everything functioning the way it should.