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About Canary Diamonds

A diamond is forever, or the 007 franchise would have you believe. The canary diamond is not called that because it chirps or flies—it's beautifully yellow through and through. For engagements or anniversaries you might consider a a canary diamond ring or even a bracelet and necklace set. Alternatively, you might just choose to purchase the stone and let your partner pick the setting to ensure it's the right fit. When choosing the diamond, ensure the cut is what you need for the setting, and the carats are appropriate for the prongs. Each diamond is unique in its own right, just as the woman or man who wears it. Available through reliable eBay sellers, a canary diamond treasure is one that you can pass down through the generations or wear on a daily basis. Give the look of elegance and charm with a diamond—it will light up the room in a multi-facetted way.

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