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About Camry Airbags

In a car crash, you keep moving unless something else stops you, hopefully an airbag. At the end of the day and after the impact, your deflated Camry airbag looks quite impressive for making a remarkable save. Pick your model year, say 2012, and look through the listings provided by eBay's reliable sellers for a driver airbag displaying the Toyota emblem and includes a simulator for testing the system to make sure it's working properly before installation. You may find a passenger knee airbag for the same year in good condition that has never been repacked. Even 97 Toyota Camry airbags for older model vehicles are available for driver and passenger, with the latter airbag notoriously double the size of the driver's airbag based on the rider's distance from the dashboard. Should your Camry airbag deploy, just remember it opens, on average, at a speed of 249 miles per hour, or faster than the blink of an eye.