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About Camper Stove

As excitement and anticipation of your annual camping trip with your best buds builds, you run through a mental checklist to ensure you have what you need for the weekend adventure. Several disastrous cooking attempts over an open fire the previous year compel you to research a camper stove for the excursion. Some stoves cater to minimalists, with a slim, effective design that easily fits into smaller camping packs. Other possibilities include a multi-burner drop-in cooktop stove with a cover for safety, and cooktop ranges with larger and smaller burners. Some stoves feature bi-fold covers for expanded counter space, while others protect from the elements with wind guards. For RV campers, possibilities include suitable stoves for slightly larger spaces, with options for baking and cooking. Burners often range from 5,200 to 7,200 BTU, which generates enough heat and power to cook a variety of dishes on top of the camper stove. Some products come with extra features, including a wooden cutting board or a top cover for extra protection, and to hide burners when you are not using them. During your search, you may come across a camper gas stove, which is available new and gently used from dependable sellers on eBay. These gas stoves produce the greatest amount of heat and burn cleanly, making them a good option for campers wanting a bit more power and efficiency.