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About Camper Jacks

Going camping can be loads of fun, but if the truck camper is not stable, you may end up in a heap of trouble. A set of camper jacks helps stabilize your camper in place. Both manual and electric camper jacks exist in the large inventory on eBay. Manual jacks require manual raising and lowering, which can take some extra time, but they are less expensive. These jacks use a hand crank inserted into the jack, turned to raise or lower the jack. Electric truck camper jacks use a wireless remote to raise and lower all four of the jacks individually or one at a time as needed. A jack activation switch inside the camper that turns on the system gives you power to work the jacks. This safety feature keeps someone from accidentally working the jacks while inside the truck. Camper jacks are necessary to keep your camper stable, so you do not end up closer to nature than you anticipated.

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