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About Campbell Kids

Remember those blustery winter days when you walked home from school, threw your books in a chair, and sat down at the dining table so your mom could treat you with a hot bowl of Campbell's soup? Since 1869, Campbell's has warmed tummies with tasty soups, and beginning with their debut in 1904, the Campbell Soup Kids have warmed your heart. Wide-eyed and rosy-cheeked, after a century on the job, these adorable soup cherubs are now American cultural icons, and their memorabilia is highly collectible. Bring the soup kids home with a set of your own Campbell kids figurines. Choose among finely crafted porcelain figurines like "Souper Kicker," "Did You Hear?" or "Little Slugger." How about a lot of 10 Campbell's Kids figurines issued by the Danbury Mint, or an adorable pair of Christmastime Campbell's kids depicted serving soup to a tiny boy? Pick up genuine vintage Campbell kids memorabilia, like a 1960s vinyl doll dressed in Scottish attire; a set of vintage Campbell's kids salt and pepper shakers; or a beautifully preserved, original Christmastime print ad from "The Saturday Evening Post," circa 1932. Depend on the reliable sellers on eBay for Campbell Soup Kids mugs, ornaments, fabric, and more. Mmm, mmm good.