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About Campaign Buttons

As far as hobbies go, button collecting is a popular pastime. Among the various types of buttons that are available, campaign buttons are particularly popular with history buffs. If you are new to the hobby of collecting political campaign buttons, you first want to decide how you will store and display your buttons. Popular display options include utilizing shadow boxes and hanging your campaign buttons on your wall, as well as using scrapbooks to hold your collection. Once you have decided how you will display your buttons, you want to start collecting. As a novice, you will probably want to start your collection with buttons that are more common and less expensive. Once you build your collection of easily accessible buttons, you can move to the harder-to-find vintage campaign buttons. These campaign buttons typically require more of your time and resources, so it is a good idea to start small. A good resource for finding campaign buttons is eBay. With reliable sellers and a variety of buttons available, eBay is an outstanding resource for finding campaign buttons to build your collection.