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About Campagnolo Record

Although you may think of bicycles as simply coming from the company whose name is on the frame, in truth a number of different parts from different manufacturers go into any bike. One example of this is the Campagnolo Record "group set" (from the Italian gruppi), which includes parts such as chain rings, brake levers, a crankset, and number of other parts. The Campagnolo Super Record group set has been used by a number of Tour de France winners from 1948 to 2006. Buyers can find whole sets or individual parts, such as the brakes from the Campagnolo C record set, from a number of dependable sellers on eBay in new, lightly used, or vintage condition. And whatever your need for Campagnolo Record products, these sellers can get them to you right when you expect them with convenient and reliable shipping options, so you will never have to deal with running back and forth between bike shops and other sellers to get the parts you want.