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About Campagnolo Pista

Track racing cyclists need their bikes to be in a good condition. Outfitting your bicycle frame with Campagnolo Pista components gives your ride unquestionable readiness to face off against even the stiffest competition in the velodrome. A precisely formed and constructed crankset, hub, and bottom bracket, specifically designed for the track, maximize your speed and power to get your around the circuit in your personal best time. Combined with other components borrowed straight from Campagnolo’s well-regarded Record set designed for road racing, your bike gets the stiffness it requires for you to get the most out of your strength, letting the least possible force go to waste. Whatever you need to excel at accelerating around the oval, you are sure to find it from one of the reliable sellers on eBay. Let almost a century of Italian innovation combine with aerospace technology give you one leg up on the competition and get the best return on your effort with Campagnolo Pista.