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About Campagnolo Pedals

Competitive cycling is a popular sport in which it is important to have your feet firmly planted on the pedal. If you look on any given bike, you may find a Campagnolo pedals on it. As a cyclist, you want to keep your bicycle as lightweight and ergonomic as possible while still offering exceptional performance. Record Pro-fit pedals are fine examples of this. These pedals only weigh 266 grams, and the axel works off of three bearings, two of which are inside the pedal, the last outside. Another Campagnolo pedal that is popular with cyclists is the Chorus pedal. Although production has ceased, you can find used ones on eBay that are still in good condition. Chorus pedals are very much like Record pedals, except the support base is wider and there are new plate and springs on the pedal. Chorus pedals are ideal for long rides because they are more advanced conceptually than other models. While you may not be biking in the Tour de France, you can still ensure a comfortable and smooth ride with Campagnolo pedals.