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About Campagnolo Groups

There’s nothing like feeling the wind in your face as you take your bicycle downhill and around a hairpin turn. Riders are divided into two categories—the casuals and the racers—and if you’re a racer chances are something from Campagnolo Group has tickled your fancy. Known for its precision engineering and use of aerospace materials, Campagnolo manufactures a variety of groupset components for on-road and mountain bikes, typically in 9, 10, or 11 gear sets. The groupsets are made from super strong, lightweight materials such as aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber; shave off some time since you’ll no longer be peddling with bulky parts weighing you down. eBay has a variety of new and used groupsets to satisfy the piggy banks of all buyers from its reliable sellers. With its 11-gear system, the Campagnolo Chorus is ideal for road bikers that encounter everything from steep climbs to coastal plains. Break your own personal best, or everyone else’s with the Campagnolo Record Group. Get going and reach top speeds with Campagnolo gear.